Working in any major city, you have the opportunity to experience all walks of life professionally. You see the corporate executives looking down at their watches and running to their next meeting, you have the thousands of commuters on the subway with their eyes and mind buried into the day to day robotic life many of them have lived for years. For what I ask?

I myself have lived it for far too long, having my life on auto-pilot – executing very well professionally and as a provider to my family, yet I had still been missing something. As I exited my stop in Downtown Boston, I had noticed a wall of corporate drones just living another day in their life, scurrying about – walking the same path they had walked the day before with pure emptiness in their eyes. An emptiness that cascaded into every physical attribute that they showed to the world. Missing the little things that should stop them in their tracks and enjoy for just a simple moment.

Yet, whether it was haute couture or a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie – this emptiness had no particular target. It was each and every person that welcomed an unfulfilled life to their front doorstep – and thats ok if thats your ultimate goal. For most, I think it might be the only way they know how to live like I did for most of my adult life.

Find your freedom, your passion, your creative outlet, your love of life and take each one to the extreme limits. Life is short and we only have one opportunity to live that day – the clock is always ticking, bringing us second by second closer to a life of happiness or regret. Move from being that corporate drone and live each moment with gratitude. A work / life balance is the key to our own internal well-being and will be a glowing beacon of hope for those who are looking to find it in themselves.

Love life and live well…

…..I am me.