Some may see it as unconventional thinking at 7:45am, but time and place is not restrictive to opportunities for signs that help you understand some of the deepest areas of your soul yet to be explored. Signs that provoke thoughts and urge you to dig deep to understand the true meanings of life and what it means to live.

I was heading to the train yesterday morning and saw a blind person walking toward me. As this man approached me, I didn’t step out of the way just so he may have a wider path to find his way and go on with my day. I knew by staying on the path I was currently traveling, this man would be more aware of his surroundings than I was- even though I was blessed with the gift of sight. As I watched this man approach me,  I had wondered if being blind was not about the unfortunate circumstances of not having the ability to see, but if being blind gave this person the ability to view the world as they wanted to see it.

The world is an interesting place and I am realizing more and more as each hour passes there is the opportunity to absorb clues and signs to guide you into becoming a better person and to continuously find the inner peace in your self.

Whether it is tending to the sick as a profession or as a partner, you have the ability to help in a time of pain or discomfort….even though that period of time may be temporary.

In the cold Winter months, its being able to look at a homeless man on the street not as they appear, but as a person that may need a warm cup of coffee to relieve the unbearable New England chill that may have been running though their bones for days – and sharing the good fortune you have had in life with a person who has not. At that moment in time, the $2.00 investment may be worth the world to him.

It is looking at that person who has been feeling lost and alone and embracing them so they know they are not in a place of isolation. Human touch is much more powerful than most of us realize.

Is is seeing the venom in a person’s treatment of others and knowing that is mearly the outward expression of their internal struggle – instead of lashing back, understand that persons pain and surprise them with a good deed back.

I’m finding that the mind is a powerful thing and it is up to you t use it positively or negatively. Life is like a major city. There are many ways in and out of it, but all routes can give you a different view as you head toward your destination. I am choosing to exit the fast moving barren highway for the country road. If along that country road a shade tree calls my name for a moment of appreciation for what mother earth has provided us, I may just stop to enjoy it before ultimately getting to where I am going.

I need to love life, I need to love others and most importantly – let both love me back.

…..I am me.